St. Petersburg has been a multicultural city from the day it was founded. It was created not only as a government capital, but also as a «window, through which the world is wondrous».

Every year, in mid-September, the cultural capital of Russia will open its doors to musicians of all countries and continents, to those who have not forgotten their roots, who are not afraid to move forward, who are not afraid to cross genre boundaries, and who are not afraid to experiment.

The primary goal of the festival is to present the diversity of modern music and cultural traditions of the many different countries of the world, to unite people through their interest in cultural diversity.

The Festival will take place over two weekend days on two stages in one of St. Petetrsburg's most beautiful locations – Usupovsky Island. We will create a space where thousands of people can speak the single language everyone understands - the language of music. Beyond music, Festival guests will be able to enjoy exotic worldwide cuisines, take part in musical and dance master classes with well-known performers, walk along the alleys of the World Market, full of souvenirs, exotic musical instruments, and much more.

The Festival Curator will be Boris Grebenshikov, well-known not only for his unforgettable songs, but also for his long-standing inspirational cultural work. For many years, his weekly radio program «Aerostat» has exposed Russian listeners to the diversity of musical cultures from around the planet. Grebenshikov, more than any other cultural figure, knows the entire panorama of modern music – he is not only a listener, he also regularly performs and records with musicians from distant countries. Djivan Gasparyan or Henry Kaiser, Robert Wyatt or Hariprasad Chaurasia, Ian Anderson or Bueno Vista Social Club – all of these musicians have become part of Grebenshikov's music. One of the main events of the festival will be a program specially created for the occasion by BG World famous musicians or simple virtuosos. Representatives of well-established performance schools or new discoveries, Kennian folk, New Zealand rap, Aluetian tango – all flags and guests, come to us!

The Festival will be organized by “Svetlaya Muzyka” a company that for nearly 20 years has organized the STEREOLETO Festival, Film Music Festival, St. Petersburg Craft Weekend cultural events in the city history that remain bright and memorable for all.